Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Self Promo!!!

“I’d rather sink, trying to be different than stay afloat like everyone else”... that is the statement that started off my brainstorming for my self promotion assignment. This saying implies that I go against the flow, I work unconventionally, yet I still get the job done and I am still the best.
I wanted to promote that I am commited to Graphic Design, I have mad passion for it and I am eager. After careful consideration, I decided to promote the fact that I am young, open minded and well trained in the skills of 21st century design.I researched Ndebele women, who are naturally artistic amongst other qualities and compiled semiotics of those characteristics. The idea I finally used is a Ndebele girl, illustated in anime style.
My logo represents my cultural background, my illustrative style and my personality. “Homegrown” is the logotype I used, because it reflects on the logo style and it completes my concept.
Having decided on a logo, I decided to extend the logo concept by developing a character for my self promotion, a character that will serve as a mascot. The style of my illustrations is inspired by anime art, which suggests my graphic design training, yet it is also playful and quirky. The colours of the logo and supporting visuals are inspired by ndebele art on their huts, the colours
of the womens’ accessories and their clothing and blankets.
I chose the fonts ‘The Bubble Letters’ and ‘Corbel’ for my self promo. The Bubble Letters’ hand generated and child-like style intrigued me, and it compliments the style of the logo. Its outline style is light hearted and fun. Corbel, on the ether hand is grounded and structured. It is a rounded font which is still somewhat playful and full of ‘character’. Corbel is, however, a contemporary modern font, so it compliments the boldness of ‘The Bubble Letters’.

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