Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Packaging : fast food packaging range

 I chose to redesign the Debonairs Pizza box as i felt it was the most challenging fast food packaging. Debonairs Pizza has always done a square shaped box for their pizza which, when compared to some American pizza brands, is very unresolved and unimaginative. The drawbacks to the traditional square pizza box is thar it has a low quality look and feel; it is not very sturdy; its hard to dispose of; and the interlocking systems aren’t always effective which often results in leakages.
For my redesign, i considered designing pizza packaging which would encourage reusability, portability, the use of materials that are biodegradable, and a more user friendly (easy to assemble and dispose of ) packaging. For the appearance of the packaging, I proposed to experiment with other geometric shapes to house the pizza. I decided on an octagon as it has eight sides, as the pizza has eight slices. To carry out the packaging theme, I decided to do a Hot Sub box in a similar shape and then invent a Potato Wedges box.

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