Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Magazine Editorial Layout

I chose to do my editorial illustration on the “Slaves to the Anguish” article. The article is about emo culture having been misconceptualised as a subculture or lifestyle from having the dark fashion going commercial and the music going viral and popular, whereas being eo still simply means being an emotional teenager who seems to prefer the ‘dark’ side of life. I decided to, instead of creating an image that is  typical to emo culture where there would be sad characters and a grunge texture, I wanted to focus on the notion that being an emo is an emotional, personal, inward thing.

So for my final, approved, illustration I have shown a teenagers hands doodling a teddybear which is cute and ‘innocent’ and a childrens toy but they are stabbing the teddybear with a pin. The image is black and white with the red blood being the pop of colour which is also representative of emo as they crave emotional attention. 

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