Tuesday, 15 November 2011

iJusi Typography

Traditional Healers’ are our connection to our past elders. They protect us as we walk the path of life. Our ancestors are our continuous birthmarks, they are who we are and who we were. The afterlife guide the living to be able to perform holistic forms of healing. Bones are thrown on the floor to interpret the message sent from the afterlife and then the patients yell, ‘Siyavuma!’, agreeing with what is being said. The numerous tools used to communicate with our ancestors is what has inspired my font.

“Siyavuma’ is the name of the font. For the design of the double page spread, I decided to have the texture of the two pages be grungy and dark, to reflect the afterlife, the place where the traditional healers go to when they are in a trance, that sense of the unknown. I also wanted the texture to ethnic and to suggest ‘herbs’. 

I had a lot of fun doing this project. It was very challenging but I have definetely grown as a person and as a designer as I have pushed boundaries I hadn’t realised I had set while doing this project.

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