Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Packaging : vitamin tablet dispenser for arthritis sufferers

The brief asked us to develop a packaging concept for a vitamin product that was specifically marketed at arthritis sufferers. The package will have to be child resistant, easy to open and close, and have a clear indication of the directions of use so anybody can understand.
I had to consider developing a system which would be easy to open, so as to eliminate painful wrist or joint movements, yet be child proof. The medicinal package will have to be simple in its design but have an advanced locking mechanism. With this in mind, I immediately examined the mechanism of a lip gloss container my mom bought for me years ago, which till this day has had people confused over how it opens and closes. It’s the simplest thing, you push the top lid down and hear the lid pop open, then simply squeeze the rim of the lid inwards to close.

This innovative design also encourages reusability as it will be easy to refill the bottle, even if it’ll be for another product. As the medicinal bottle is of the same material and shape as ordinary medicinal bottles, the product should be effective in terms of storage and reusability.

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