Wednesday, 30 March 2011

the brief was to make a one minute movie under the topic "anti design" and create a campaign around it. streetclass (the movie) is about a lady and a 'not so poor' beggar, so the concept of my campaign is 'I OWN THE STREETS'.  i decided to keep all the details of the movie to a minimum, so as to create a buzz and leave the consumer curious. The movie poster doesn't disclose much information, neither does the viral campaign. for the viral campaign, the beggar stands in various locations in durban with a placard reading 'streetclass. coming soon'. i also designed a few flyers, with 'sold' written on them to extend the concept

Saturday, 26 March 2011

my first post

i'm listening to 'Lil' Star" by Kelis ft Cee-Lo and now i'm inspired to push the boundaries i have set for myself. the point of this song is to inspire us to grow.... well, i sure am inspired to get back to work and be the best designer i can be.
ok.. here goes