Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Inspired by the layouts and drawing styles of the last page, i illustrated my cookbook with these elements. The first recipe is Vanilla Cupcakes with a butter cream icing. The second recipe is Chocolate Cupcakes with chocolate Butter Cream icing. I enhanced both these images on photoshop by adding a layer of black abd erasing out the cupcakes at the foreground so the middle and background are blurry somewhat but still add to the mood of the imagery. For my illustrative elements, i did a pattern using elements that told the story of my concept- which is ‘afternoon tea for religious wives and mothers who are neighbours and friends’. I then did a few variations of the pattern in order to have different colours and thus be able to form themes.
For my main illustration, I combined about 5 photographs to compose the drawing. I drew it on illustrator with the brush tool, stroke on 0.25pt, then i exported the drawings and put them together on photoshop and introduced the colour using the brush tool. This illustration was used only for the cover because of its dimensions being too big for any other page. Plus i reckon it makes the cover more interesting, especially when paired with the complexity of the title’s font.

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