Thursday, 21 July 2011

Jewellery Design corporate identity_ 2009 Final Exam assignment

As a joint venture, the Graphic Design department briefed us to develop a corporate identity for the senior students from the Jewellery Design department. Sbhekile Lukhele was a student at the DUT in 2009, doing his BTech in Jewellery Design. Sbhekile's jewellery took inspiration from industrial tools and mechanical objects. His designs were complex and he designed for a male market.

"Engineered Jewellery", a fitting name that emplified his design style and his vision. With the understanding for his style of jewellery, I designed a logo for his growing brand. Having been inspired by the technicalities of Sbhekile's sketches, and his concepts for the jewellery he manufactured, I decided to design his corporate identity to resemble technical drawing blueprints. I wanted his stationary to feel like he just sketched an idea roughly on the official letterhead or business card he was sending out.

As a part of the brief, we were put in pairs to each Jewellery Design student as a means of competing for the clients approval. The crux of this 'competition' was that the designer who impressed the client would have their advertorial printed on a brochure of the best Jewellery Design/ Graphic Design collaborations. I am proud to say that my advertorial was selected and it was thus printed on the official 2009 brochure (layout by zola mkhize)...  :-)
I am also proud to say that the Jewellery Design lecturers were impressed by my designs and thus requested that I design an invitation for their department's end of year senior exhibition. This was done after school hours as a favour for them. It was a little more challenging for me as itwas my first non-school related design so i couldn't consult with my lecturers for guidance. I had to put all my skill and experience together, and it came out well.

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