Thursday, 21 July 2011

Angels Nougat Biscuits campaign

 This assignment was one of my favourite ones from second year (2009), as  we were briefed to re-brand an existing biscuit brand. We had a look at the packaging and I then decided to design the brand in a way that would market easily. The packaging I designed aims to grab the customers attention and convince them that this product is light, delicious and heavenly.

The second part of the brief was to create an instore point of sale slideshow that would be played on aisle catchers. I designed four frames that would be easy to read, simple and clear enough to catch the attention of a customer passing by. I also digitally assembled the packaging so as to place it on the shelves, as a means of showing the client how the product would look on the store shelves in comparison  to the other biscuit brands in the same price range. I must say, packaging is my strong suit when it comes to designing.

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