Thursday, 21 July 2011

2009 (second year) work

Drawing for design: As a class, we took a field trip to Ushaka Marine World and spent a day there, drawing elements that would offer insight into the aquarium and all the enterainment they have to offer. As part of Design Communications training, we had to merge image and text in a format which would resemble a newspaper advertisement. This was our first project which prompted us to work with body copy...not my finest work. I sure have sharpened my skill through practice.


Surrealism Photography 2009. The brief was to take reference from idioms and photographically describe or illustate them. I chose the well known idiom: "every cloud has a silver lining", meaning that throughout each rough patch or uncertainty, there is always a positive element to that situation, there is always a happy ending. I took photographs of dry burnt down grasslands in Pietermaritzburg, a photograph of the sunrise, photographs of chopped up wood and a photograph of a new sprout of green leaves. After a whole lot of photoshop editing, i arrived at this, the final product.

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